Investigating COLLISION and PERSONAL INJURY Incidents


Bigelow Accident Reconstruction Inc. is a Consulting Engineering company specializing in:


1. Reconstruction of motor vehicle collisions

2. 3D Laser scanning

3. Evaluation of personal injury incidents such as slip and falls on walkways, stairs and ramps.

Motor Vehicle Collision Related Services Include:

  • Vehicle Damage Inspections
  • Vehicle Mechanical Inspections
  • Seatbelt Inspections
  • Airbag System Analysis
  • Crash Data Retrieval from Event Data Recorders (blackbox information)
  • Tire Inspections
  • Collision Scene Inspections, 3D Scans and Surveys
  • Computer-Generated Collision Scene Diagrams
  • Collision Speed and Hazard Avoidance Analysis
  • Forensic Analysis of Video Recordings
  • Vehicle Infotainment and Telematics Data Acquisitions

Personal Injury Incident Services Include:

  • inspection of the incident area
  • evaluation of applicable building codes, standards and bylaws
  • analysis of slip resistance of walking surfaces
  • analysis of pedestrian walking hazards
  • forensic analysis of video recordings