Helping You Understand HOW and WHY the ACCIDENT OCCURRED

At Bigelow Accident Reconstruction Inc., we provide our clients with Consulting Engineering services to help them with their personal injury cases.

Personal Injuries

Bigelow Accident Reconstruction offers Consulting Engineering services to assist you with personal injury matters that relate to slips, trips, and falls. We specialize in testing the slip resistance of wet or dry walking surfaces. We also specialize in the evaluation of walkways, stairs, balconies and patios, ramps and ladders, against codes and standard practices

Collision Reconstruction

Bigelow Accident Reconstruction offers Consulting Engineering services to assist you with understanding how and why a collision occurred. We specialize in technical analysis of motor vehicle, pedestrian, snowmobile and bicycle collision reconstruction work.

Bigelow Accident Reconstruction Inc.

Bigelow Accident Reconstruction Inc. is a Consulting Engineering and investigation firm based in Ontario. We have assisted clients with scientific principles and technical issues surrounding their cases since 1994 in an effort to better understand liability and cause.

Bigelow Accident Reconstruction Inc. specializes in the reconstruction of vehicle and pedestrian related collisions and personal injury incidents. We use a strong and diverse level of expertise in understanding and evaluating the human, vehicle and environment interfaces that contribute to collisions and personal injuries. When you contact Bigelow Accident Reconstruction Inc. for Engineering and technical assistance we are prepared to respond immediately to your needs in order to properly document and preserve applicable evidence in the field. Written reports can then be completed as deemed necessary to further assist in claims handling and litigation procedures.

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